“If you want the ball, you can have it.”

Keith McDonald diligently working at Paterson Great Falls NHP

Keith is diligently working at Paterson Great Falls NHP

The National Park Service has given me the opportunity to do one of the things that I love the most; talk to people (and or course take copious historical notes for further research).  The National Park Service has had a lot of partnerships with the Student Conservation Association and this is one of them.   The Student Conservation Association’s mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities.  The SCA helps to give young people a chance to get some real world experience in conservation and restoration.

I am the new oral history intern at Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park.  Probably the best thing about working at a new national park is that there is so much for an intern to do at any given moment.  The work is real, and the experiences are real.  I have heard of some friends at other internships who would complete their work early and be left re-organizing their files for the rest of the day.  Here the work is always important, and I am always kept in the loop.  I cannot even begin to describe the difference between working here as opposed to somewhere else.

My job has been interesting thusfar.  I have received a contact list of potential people to interview for Oral Histories, and a ton of research.  The research has been quite interesting so far, and I am currently starting to investigate other sources such as newspapers and other primary sources.


About jerseyjourneyer

I can never stay in one place for too long at a time. A New Jersey native, I'm on the move and always looking for new places to go and places to see. A student of history and public relations I am writing this blog for New Jerseyans, and those who might have certain assumptions about this state. I don't think anything personifies this state quite like this. During the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction, Bruce Springsteen said something I believe many New Jerseyans can get behind. "(Like Danny DeVito) We are small but mighty."
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2 Responses to “If you want the ball, you can have it.”

  1. Congratulations Keith. I love The Falls and look forward to more posts. – Ken

  2. Enjoy your work, Keith. And, thanks to you and the Park for the oral history project. Evelyn

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