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Book Mobile


Being a historian, you get to read some very interesting stuff.  You get to read old books, newspapers from the 1800’s, and micro-fiche!

Remember this?

Remember these?

We live in a world where high speed wireless internet rules, and smartphones can summon a grad school dissertation at the tap of a finger. It is incredible how much information is out there.  But to this day I find that the most valuable information is still print.  In order to be published books need to go through a stringent fact checking and editing.  Finding old books is especially interesting to me because that’s where you find the most obscure facts!

I have started reading several books and documents that were published dating back to the 1880’s.  One of the more interesting documents I have come across is a census from 1824 that lists several names and professions.  Anymore interesting tidbits of obscure information I certainly post in the future.


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I can never stay in one place for too long at a time. A New Jersey native, I'm on the move and always looking for new places to go and places to see. A student of history and public relations I am writing this blog for New Jerseyans, and those who might have certain assumptions about this state. I don't think anything personifies this state quite like this. During the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction, Bruce Springsteen said something I believe many New Jerseyans can get behind. "(Like Danny DeVito) We are small but mighty."
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